Collings… engaged for specialised cleaning

Covid-19 has certainly caused mass disruptions and challenges throughout the world.  No one has been unaffected by this pandemic.

Country Club Villas were selected by the Tasmanian Government to house interstate travellers who arrived in Launceston and who were required to commence a fourteen-day quarantine. The accommodation consists of 78 Villas with a combination of one, two and three bedrooms per Villa. A challenge that came with housing these travellers was having to perform specialised cleaning to ensure strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness were met.

Country Club Villas needed to implement preventative cleaning measures after guests in quarantine had vacated to ensure all traces of potential viruses were removed. Additional equipment, approved disinfectants and training were needed to meet these new standards and as a result Country Club made the decision to contract the work to an experienced cleaning contractor.

Collings Services were engaged to undertake this work.  With our existing experience of over ten years in healthcare cleaning, we were confident in our ability to achieve the requirements. Our experienced staff, equipment and approved chemicals meant we were able to carry out the work safely, efficiently and immediately. Within one day of receiving the approval to undertake this clean, we were able to send a team of eleven staff to the site.  The approach we used was to firstly clean the surfaces with microfibre to remove organic material, then use a disinfectant to kill any viruses. In order for the disinfectant to be 100% effective, it needs to be left wet on the surface for ten minutes. We then moved onto the rest of the clean, ensuring the rooms were fully disinfected and any potential traces of viral matter extinct.

By engaging us to undertake this work, the Country Club saved spending on new equipment, chemicals and providing new training to their existing housekeeping team.  Rooms Division Manager, Gil Drory said “Gary’s personal attention was great, really nice guy, easily understood what we were looking for and knew what it would take to accomplish.  The team he brought in were very professional, got straight to work and worked at a good pace.  Daily interaction on needs and progress made it very easy to work with and around”.