Collings Services implements preventative cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges and has affected individuals and businesses alike. Collings Services has played a pivotal role in providing cleaning services across a multitude of industries, ensuring Tasmanian businesses are able to continue operating knowing that their staff and premises meet hygiene and safety standards. Collings has adapted to the need for increased hygiene measures by collaborating with some of Australia’s leading experts in the field of infection control including Bridget Gardner of HPC solutions, who developed a guide on cleaning for Covid-19 based on extensive global research.

Relationships Australia Tasmania offers quintessential service and support to the Tasmanian community, and in order to continue operating through the pandemic, they engaged Collings Services to provide a cleaning service that would meet all necessary safety and hygiene standards. Relationships Australia Tasmania has five sites across Tasmania. The cleaning frequency across all sites was increased to five days per week, both at midday and again in the evening. Collings Services provided a preventive clean; cleaning and disinfecting touched surfaces frequently.

At Collings Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to these situations quickly and effectively. We were able to implement this service the next day after being initially engaged by Relationships Australia Tasmania. With our experience and expertise in healthcare cleaning, along with our knowledge in viral control cleaning, we were able to provide Relationships Australia Tasmania with the protection they required for their staff and clients.

Aidan Kemmy from Relationships Australia Tasmania said “This additional cleaning allowed Relationships Australia Tasmania to provide a safe work environment during this period. It helped to protect our staff from possible transmission of the virus while we organised to have our staff operating from home and it allowed us to continue providing services while reducing the risk. We’d like to say thank you to your team for your help in organising this additional cleaning at very short notice. We’ve really appreciated your team doing this extra cleaning and have found them to be very responsive and professional.”

It was a pleasure working with Relationships Australia Tasmania, and we take great pride in the contribution we made to ensure they were able continue serving the Tasmanian community safely.