Matthew Collings

Matthew thrives on challenges, and his strengths are strategic planning and innovation. Grounded in his Christian values, Matthew is reflective of the culture of the workplace and believes honesty, reliability, fairness and transparency sets him apart.

After 16 years in the cleaning industry and 10 years in his managerial role, Matthew achieves industry benchmarks in productivity. KEY to his success is superior performance in delivering leadership to his employees, ensuring quality commercial cleaning throughout Tasmania. 

Matthew approaches his relationships with customers as close partnerships to achieve mutual goals and outcomes. He is highly motivated by his Life Purpose and wants to address the generational unemployment in Tasmania.


Gary Jefferys
Operations Manager North

Gary enjoys getting up every day and challenging himself to produce results; by, with, and through the people at Collings Cleaning Service. His Christian values guide without imposing and he believes in leading by example.

Under his direction, the key to the company’s success has been Gary’s superior performance in implementing objectives and strategies within the operations portfolio. Integrity is not negotiable.

Gary is confident in his leadership role; he holds a Diploma of Business Management and has 45 years of management experience, enhanced by his genuine empathy for people.


Mark Brown
Cleaning Supervisor

Mark’s leadership style, time management and approachability allow confidence in the workplace. He encourages independence within a framework of responsibility, rather than micromanaging his team.

As Cleaning Supervisor at the airport and Scotch Oakburn College Junior School, Mark’s ability to interact with the public in a professional and courteous manner ensures exceptional customer service, while maintaining a great company profile.

Mark values the scope for growing and improving within the company, for both himself and his team. His training sessions are designed to involve people, especially when introducing them to new cleaning practices.


Julie Baillie
Professional Cleaner

Julie is awesome at cleaning, but it is her integrity and compassion that are integral to her role at Eskleigh, working in and around people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Her thoughtful consideration is valued in this environment.

As a cleaner with more than 15 years experience, Julie loves being part of an innovative team who maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

Julie feels well supported within the framework of her responsibility at Eskleigh and enjoys the skill training sessions as part of her ongoing professional development with Collings Property Services.


Suzanne Davis
Hygiene Operations Manager

Suzanne’s pride in her role and her approachability with both clients and her team, create a sense of positivity in those around her, and she is always up for a challenge.

Organisational ability is definitely her key strength, and along with the ease in which Suzanne readily undertakes multitasking duties, she can achieve the extraordinary in any given day.  

Suzanne is motivated by the trust the company has in her. As such, she takes self disciplined action to create a calendar diarizing servicing across the state, performs site inspections, runs training courses and develops the run sheets used by the team at Collings Cleaning Service.


Marie Radley 
Professional Cleaner

Marie’s sensitivity and warmth allow her to work comfortably in a culturally sensitive environment, cleaning rooms for young students from around the globe, in Norfolk Hall at the Australian Maritime College in Launceston.  

As a loyal and conscientious cleaner, Marie’s attention to detail ensures her work is of the highest standard, recognised last year when she received her Award for 30 years Service and Cleaning.

Marie loves the opportunity to meet new people and is proud of the wonderful team she works with. She praised Collings Property Service for the support she receives in the workplace, and for herself as a person, which makes her feel valued and respected within the business.