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Carpet Cleaning

Whether in your home or in your business, your carpets are an asset that you want to last. Regular carpet cleaning does more than just improve the look of your carpets; it also assists in caring for and extending the life of your asset. Essentially, it makes good economic sense to maintain your carpet with regular cleaning.

Collings uses modern, state of the art equipment to provide you with the best possible results with the lowest amount of disruption to your operations.

Please email CustomerService@collingsservices.com.au or call us today on (03) 6334 2220 to get a tailored proposal for your cleaning needs.

Flood Damage Restoration

Whether it’s from a burst pipe, rainwater, or just a bath overflow, water can cause considerable damage to your carpets. Unfortunately, flood damage restoration requires more than just extracting the water and letting the carpet dry.

For flooded areas, we map the wet carpet areas with electronic equipment. The flood water can travel under the carpet through the underlay without wetting the surface of the carpet. Our equipment detects this at the beginning of the job.

We then extract the bulk of the water with the extraction tool. Next, we use a deep suction tool to remove most of the water from under the carpet. Our dehumidifier and air movers then extract the rest of the moisture from carpet underlay and floor surface. In some cases, the carpet does not have to be lifted.

Please call us today on (03) 6334 2220 to speak to our operations team about your flood damage restoration needs.

Feminine Hygiene

Collings sister company Hygiene Services provides a regular service for the discreet replacement and cleaning of sanitary and nappy units. We ensure a complete, thorough clean of sanitary and nappy units by swapping our units over and taking them to our warehouse, where they are professionally disinfected, for your piece of mind.

Call us today on 1800 644 504 to get a quote on our services.

Builders Cleans and End of Lease Cleans

Collings have unmatched experience in performing builders cleans in any sized building, with capability in a wide range of locations, from small houses right up to large nursing homes.  Our highly trained personnel not only provide a first class cleaning service to new buildings, but also provide quality control information back to your foreman to assist in detection and rectification of defects.

Collings can also perform all cleaning tasks for your end of lease clean including your carpet cleaning.

Please call us today on 6334 2220 to speak to our operations team about your construction project or end of lease cleaning needs.

Toilet Consumables and Dispensers

Collings have a range of toilet consumable products available that we can supply to you at a good price. All our products are stored in our warehouse, meaning that you can be sure that your purchases will be delivered to you quickly.

Call us today on (03) 6334 2220 for a full price list of consumables.